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Special Guest Animation Director Shinji Aramaki Press Conference-APP042

We sat down with the great and well-known Animation Director Shinji Aramaki a pioneer in CGI and 3D animation at Anime NYC 2021. He’s also an art director, concept artist, design artist, writer, director, and so much more. He’s well known for the Appleseed franchise, Madox-01, Netflix shows like Ultraman and Ghost in the Shell … Continue reading Special Guest Animation Director Shinji Aramaki Press Conference-APP042

2021 Year Convention Recap-APP040

Hey, we’re finally back!! In this episode, I recap all of the conventions we had some involvement with or attended all of 2021. We’re talking online, invited, attended, press, and in-person. Don’t forget we’re now on Amazon Music so you can take us on the go and subscribe there if you’d like. Listen with Alexa, … Continue reading 2021 Year Convention Recap-APP040

Anime Discussions, HBO Max & Crunchyroll, Anime News, Retro Crush, Terrance House-APP033

Howdy, we’re here again with another great episode of the show. In this episode we break down the anime we have watched, we talk about COVID-19 affecting anime development and production, the sad and latest news surrounding Terrance House, and more news from the industry! Don’t forget to Like, Share, Rate, Comment!!